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Since before we can remember we have been standing on terraces all across the country. Coaches, trains and the odd bicycle ride got us to the games. The atmosphere before, during and after the games kept us coming back over and over again. We got hooked at an early age and our feelings for the beautifull game are as strong as they were back then. We have just gotten older – and more sophisticated. We have developed a sence of taste. A taste for the good life. Fashion is passion and the casual culture has become a part of who and what we are.

So what makes this such a good fit for us and so many other scandis? Like our forfathers we longed for the British Isles. It`s all about how the British culture meets the Scandinavian ways. Pub culture meets the I-am-better-off-drinking-by-myself mentality. Class meets practical. The love for beer and football – and the respect for the working man as common grounds. We`re both nations built by fishermen and fighters. This is the casual culture with a twist of Scandinavia.

Our products are made with love from our cold Scandi hearts - And we prefer being a solid few´s shot of aquavit than everyones cup of tea.

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