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Pretty Green

Pretty Green

Since the birth of Rock 'n' Roll in the late 1950’s, British street culture has been influencing fashion and music worldwide. Pretty Green has an authenticity born of a deep understanding of that culture and the things that make it relevant today.

Founded in 2009 by Liam Gallagher, one of the most iconic front-men in music, the brand unites people through a love of music and fashion. Named after a track by ‘The Jam’, Pretty Green provides simple, classic clothing with a modern twist in three distinct labels.

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Pretty Green Jayton Jacket Khaki
Pretty Green Kirby Dales Jacket Blue
Pretty Green Walton Funnel Neck Parka Black

Pretty Green Trebeck Crew Neck Mid Green
Pretty Green Monty Union Jack Duffle Coat Camel
Pretty Green Corrigan Paisley Track Top Red

Pretty Green Walton Funnel Neck Parka Khaki
Pretty Green Corrigan Paisley Track Top Black
Pretty Green Gillespie Logo Navy

Pretty Green Gillespie Logo White
Pretty Green Clements Ls Crew Sweat Grey Marl
Pretty Green Solid Beanie Navy

Pretty Green Clements Ls Crew Sweat Navy
Pretty Green Solid Beanie Grey