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Peaceful Hooligan

Peaceful Hooligan

Peaceful Hooligan was born from a desire to create the clothing we wanted to wear but could never quite find in our favorite stores.

With our focus on quality rather than trends and fads, we want to build kit to survive the things we do, from misbehaving doen the pub to following our colours around the country.

The Inspirational moments coming from the things we have done over years, from the early rave scene, the football terraces and the laughs we have had along the way

Mixing these influences togheter to create something that is tailored to our urban surroundings and the way we live our lives, constantly evolving but always remaining true to our philosophy

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Peaceful Hooligan Dan Jacket Stone
Peaceful Hooligan Outline Dove Navy/Mustard
Peaceful Hooligan Born On The Terraces Navy

Peaceful Hooligan Born On The Terraces Claret
Peaceful Hooligan Born On The Terraces White
Peaceful Hooligan Boxing Claret

Peaceful Hooligan Johnson Navy
Peaceful Hooligan Against Modern Football Black
Peaceful Hooligan Core Black

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