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Founded in Italy in 1987, Napapijri celebrates the unexpected journey and outfits adventures that leave a mark. Representing a global mindset through the intersection of boundaries, culture, nature and art, the brand portfolio includes Menswear, Womenswear and Childrenswear. It draws inspiration from the wondrous in nature and enables the self-expression of individuals that see the world with a thoughtful mind and an artful touch

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Napapijri Flon Black
Napapijri Flon Bright White
Napapijri Flon Blue Marine

Napapijri Flon Beige
Napapijri Bering 1 Black
Napapijri Bering 1 Marine

Napapijri Bering Pack 26,5L Bright White
Napapijri Bering Pack 26,5L Black
Napapijri Bering Pack 26,5L Blue Marine

Napapijri Rainforest Winter 1 Black
Napapijri Semiury 1 Black
Napapijri Semiury 1 Orange

Napapijri Semiury 1 Dark Grey