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Peak Performance x Nigel Cabourn

Peak Performance x Nigel Cabourn

For the first design collaboration in Peak Performance’s thirty-year history, only a legend would do. Building a name for himself in re-imagining utilitarian workwear, British designer Nigel Cabourn was the first choice. The partnership was a natural—two experts in the performance wear field of fashion, designing clothes for people on the same chilly latitudes. Fusing Cabourn’s British point of departure and expertise in global army apparel, with Peak Performance’s unique Scandinavian outlook and proficiency in the innovative fabrication
of ski and outerwear, resulted in a collection rooted in Swedish military wear for the contemporary urban dresser.
Nigel and I both have a passion for craftmanship and innovation. Our uniqnessness lies in mixing our skills but also our strong belive in the fututre. We use the past to look forward and agreed on a concept in the early stages of the process: The Swedish mountain troops. Sweden hasent been in many wars but we had some great army wear for the mountains” - Sofia Gromark Norinder, head of design Peak Performance. The collection consists of 20 unisex pieces, from the heavy sheep skin coat to the generous ski pants.

It features siluettes and technical solutions you will regognize but the materials are light weight, seamsealed for waterprofness and breathable for high intense activities. All designed for the slope - and off the slope.

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